Crafty Kids Club

Gemma Garratt

Director & Draft Educator

She is passionate about inspiring kids to take time out from their screens, fire up their imaginations and create things with their own hands.

Gemma has been doing art and craft since ever since she could remember.  Her whole family is a bunch of makers.  There was no such thing as being bored in that household.  When she became an aunty, she loved doing art and craft with her nieces and nephews.  She organised many memorable craft birthday parties and it’s just gone on from there.  

She has been a regular art educator at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick for over six years, at after-school care and holiday programs and at Reverse Garbage in Marrickville and hired for birthday parties.

Gemma has also been a marketing specialist for over 25 years working for some of the biggest brands in the world.  She truly understands the value of creativity and creative thinking to thrive in the workplace.  That’s what drives her to create art and craft projects for children.   The dream is they don’t lose touch with their imaginations and innate creativity so they can find their place in the world doing what they are passionate about.  The world never stops needing innovators and creative thinkers across every discipline.