About Us

Read our story, discover what drives us and meet the team

Our Purpose

Our goal is to nurture children’s imagination through the art of making to spark creativity, curiosity, collaboration, connection and kindness.

Just like adults, kids need some screen-free time too. A digital detox gives them (and us!) opportunities to find other ways to relax, activate other parts of our brains and make time to dream and engage in other forms of active play. We want to tap into this time slot and share the joy of craft – making things, constructing, drawing, painting – with our children’s craft activities and kits.  

Our dream for kids and parents/carers is to:
  • Spark joy through the art of craft and help them stay connected to their innate creativity and abundant imaginations
  • Help you to help your children become ‘conscious’ creators – not only consumers.
  • Help children discover what their passions are through creative play which helps them to stay connected with what makes
    them happy and helps them find their place in the world doing work that has meaning to them.
  • Encourage children and energise them to try new things and stick with a project and build the ability to self-occupy away from
    a screen
  • Create awareness of different countries, places and cultures to promote curiosity, empathy and connection.
  • Share with you how crucial childhood creativity is to their future wellbeing
    See this from Ken Robinson, world renowned children’s educator, who believes schools are killing creativity! See his TED talk

We are driven by an opportunity we see to create a global, creative community of confident kids who will be the innovators and creative thinkers of the future.

They will be able to bring their divergent thinking skills, growth mindset and resilience to the work they choose to do as an adult. In touch with their abundant creativity and problem-solving skills they will help to create the lives they dream of and create the change we want to see in the world. People connected to their own hearts can bring joy to any situation.

My Story / My Why

I really believe staying in touch with our innate creativity and living a life of wellbeing are closely connected and so Crafty Kids Club was born.

I come from a large creative family of five. My parents were believers in there’s no such thing as being bored. They said either find something to do or they could suggest numerous household chores we could do! As you can imagine – we found something to do, we were all constantly making things, drawing, painting, hand sewing. We had a craft desk in the family room where we did our making (now my sister uses it for her three little girls). Even today my sisters, mum and I spend time making things together.

I was drawing, writing and making things ever since I could hold a pencil and a pair of scissors. Being crafty has brought a lot of joy into my life and it’s just so satisfying and a wonderful form of self expression.

I realised not everyone has had this encouragement from an early age or knows how to make things as an adult. I started inviting friends over for craft nights, then I started running craft workshops via my Crafty Wench Club on Meetup.com. Then I hit on the idea of doing craft classes for kids. Start at the source. If kids can stay in touch with their creativity they can take that into adulthood and enjoy life as creative adults too.


Why I started Crafty Kids Club

1. As a devoted aunty, I’ve enjoyed enormous hours of joy and crafty fun with my nieces and nephew.

  • I designed their crafty birthday parties (with permission from their mums) with the themes they requested – bringing all the
    supplies and showing all the kids what to do. The parties were always a big hit. The last big one I did was for my niece when
    she was 16 years old. They hand printed their own tote bags. (there will be a link to a future blog here!)
  • Any time I visit or babysit I take extra craft supplies and ideas and we do a lot of making together. From the 5 years old to
    the 21 years old niece. We still all make things together. My little nieces – who have ample supplies from my sister – still love
    the ‘new’. As soon as I arrive they say ‘did you bring some cwaft today, GG?’ Their sleepovers at my house are full of
    creative activities.
  • They all inspire me all the time. They are all part of my testing and inspiration team.

2. I see my friends with children looking for opportunities to find alternative options to screen time for their kids.

  • Some of these mums don’t really have the bandwidth to sit down and do craft or making activities with their kids. OR they
    feel they aren’t creative enough themselves to do it or how to set something up at home.
  • Whether they are ‘crafters’ themselves or not, they enjoy the convenience and simplicity of getting a pack of activities where
    the kids can occupy themselves for a while.

3. As a volunteer for years at Sydney Children’s Hospital doing bedside craft with chronically ill kids, I see the joy, and
temporary relief, catalysed by hands-on, creative activities.

  • In the past I spent time going to bedsides and teaching simple paper crafts. The kids love it and so do the parents. The great delight is in seeing them continue making things together when I leave.

4. Throwing the nets wider – as an after-school craft teacher – I experienced how much creative activity some kids really enjoy
even after a day of school work.

  • The kids loved the classes. I felt I needed to increase the scope of how children could access the activities outside of a
    face-to-face class.

5. As a marketing specialist for over 25 years working for some of the biggest brands in the world I see the value of creativity and
creative thinking to be able to thrive in the workplace. I found art and craft has kept me in a state of positive wellbeing.

  • I noted many of my colleagues didn’t have a creative hobby of any kind. I wondered how they were keeping in touch with their
    creative thinking skills at work and maintaining their resilience. For some their wellbeing at work, I believe, was impacted. I
    wondered to myself, when they were a child, when did they stop drawing or believing they were creative?
  • What could I do to be part of helping kids stay in touch with their creative so they could be creative adults?

…and so for all these reasons…the Crafty Kids Club business was born in 2013.

From craft events, to craft after-school programs to craft kits delivered to your door and activities online!  Now is the time to keep kids connected with their creativity.

Meet Our Dream Team

Crafty Kids Club
Gemma Garratt

Founder, Designer & Craft Educator

Meet Gemma

Gemma founded Crafty Kids Club over 10 years ago when she realised how much she loved hosting craft parties for her friends and family.  She just loves seeing the joy kids have when they are making things and how it builds their confidence.  Designing craft kits, running after school or holiday craft workshops or playing with her nieces – crafting is her ‘jam’!  She is a devoted aunty and is passionate about keeping kids in touch with their innate creativity to ensure they thrive. 

Crafty Kids Club
Maria Harding

Creative Consultant, Artist & Children’s Book Illustrator

Meet Maria

Maria is an artist who creates colourful bird paintings, exploring the central theme of freedom. She does our beautiful kit artwork and other design. See more of her work.

Crafty Kids Club
Nicole Godwin

Children’s Author, Tusk Books (consultant)

Meet Nicole

Nicole is an award-winning author who shines a light on environmental and animal rights issues. Her captivating picture books engage readers and help to create a generation of thoughtful, committed and compassionate individuals. She provides expertise on our content and ensuring all our copy is kid friendly and engaging. Read more about her work. 

crafty kids club kids craft kits delivered to your door in australia themed multi projects per kit

Emma Vickerstaff

Operations Manager

Meet Emma

Emma helps the team stay focussed on the priorities for the business.  Her supreme organisational skills keep us heading in the right direction and hitting our deadlines.  She shares our passion for keeping kids in touch with their creativity and has two very creative sons to prove it!

crafty kids club kids craft kits delivered to your door in australia themed multi projects per kit
Jennifer Ross

Marketing & Social Media Consultant

Meet Jenn

Jenn works closely with Gemma to build the marketing plan and rollout out our activities.  She’s travelled the world and, being a crafty kid herself, loves pursuing creativity activities in her spare time when her labradoodle isn’t demanding her attention!

Crafty Kids Club

Marketing & Digital Design Executive

Meet Maddy

Maddy does feelance design projects for us.  She’s recently graduated from UTS as one of their top students and has already won a Pencil Award.  She’s one hell of a crafty ‘kid’.

Crafty Kids Club

Testing Team Lead

Meet Lily

Lily has always been a crafty kid.  She helps us develop the craft projects and is a digital whizz too.  She’s a fabulous assistant in our craft workshops and the kids love her.

Crafty Kids Club

Anna Jordan & 3 Minx

Testing Team

Meet Anna & Co

Anna and Gemma have been doing craft together since they were kids.  And now with three kids of her own, Anna’s household is defintely a creative one!  They are the first to try out all the kits and give their very honest feedback to their Aunty Gemma.