Our Purpose

Kids need a break from their screens and the chance to stay connected to their innate creativity.  And we need to show them how – because frankly, we adults are not that great at it ourselves!

We want to help kids stay in touch with their imagination and become conscious creators – not just consumers – and learn about topics they are passionate about.  And discover what it is they ARE passionate about

  • We want to create awareness of issues in our world and promote empathy and connection.
  • We want to make parents keenly aware of the importance of childhood creativity.
    • Ken Robinson, world renowned children’s educator, believes schools are killing creativity. See his TED talk
  • We want to establish a global, creative community of confident kids who are the innovators and creative thinkers of the future.  They will bring their divergent thinking skills and growth mindset to any profession they choose and create the change we need in the world.    
  • We want to encourage and energise them to try new things and stick with a project and build the ability to self-occupy away from a screen.

Our Values

  1. Use the power of our imaginations
  2. Think from our hearts and minds. What makes our hearts sing and that of our customers?
  3. We bring surprise, delight and joy to all our interactions. 
  4. We are irrepressible, resilient, optimistic and buoyant.
  5. We bring playfulness and wonder into everything we create
  6. Creativity takes courage and we have it in spades. 

Our Experience

Design thinking
Art & crafty education
Business savvy
Love & passion

Meet Our Dream Team

Crafty Kids Club

Director & Craft Educator

Crafty Kids Club

Children’s author, Tusk Books (consultant)

Crafty Kids Club

Team Member

Crafty Kids Club

Creative Consultant, artist & children’s book illustrator