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Beads & wrestlers – anything in common?

Beads & wrestlers – anything in common?

Technically – not a lot. If you’re learning about Japan – plenty. It’s a natural segue to cultural sculptures inspired by Japan.

Mt Fuji Sumo wrestlers

The original idea for the class was to show the children how they could design their own beads using air dry clay. The plan was then to move into  different mediums for bead making in subsequent classes. (It’s still on the cards but Japan calls). The children had something else in mind.

I had no idea what a big hit the air dry clay would be.  I originally got the clay because Milla requested a sculpture class.  I like to ask the children what they want to make and try and work it into the term plan.

They begrudgingly made the large beads I asked them to do – for a future macrame project -and immediately  moved to an area of much greater interest – scenes of Mt.Fuji and sumo wrestlers.   They made sculptures inspired by what they were learning about Japan in school.

Thanks to the kids it inspired a whole separate programme of Japanese craft – I call it ‘Konichiwa Kids’.

And even though most of them were onto Japan, outta the blue came King Couch from Molly!  Not sure what inspired him.  Unfortunately he came to a dusty, crumbly end.



And of course a fairy is never far away.

Clay fairy




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