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by | May 8, 2013

Hi my name is Betty and I’m addicted to bunting.

Well there must be bunting addicts because you can’t turn sideways without noticing that nearly every shop is selling bunting right now.

Everywhere you look all sorts of gorgeous bunting is on display – for parties, for bedrooms, for gardens, for the delightful hell of it.

Have you thought about making your own? My 14 year old niece and I spent the day recently making some for her bedroom. We used scrap fabric that we both had – as well as some blue cord I picked up at Remnant Warehouse in Botany.

We used felt for the main flag piece so we had nice clean edges that wouldn’t fray. Then with the sewing machine, using a large zig zag stitch along the edge, we attached the cotton fabric. The last step was to turn down about 1.5cm of the felt at the top of the flag and sew it down to make a tunnel for the cord to thread through. As you can see she was pretty pleased with the result.

Here’s some cute bunting I spotted at My Messy Room in Summer Hill – a gorgeous children’s wear store. It’s made from red dyed lace doillies sewn onto ribbon. A very simple project I’ve added to my ‘to-make’ list.

Have you or your child got a ‘to-make’ list?

I suggested to my nieces they create a ‘to-make’ list for their friends’ birthday presents. Bunting should be top of the list!

Gemma Garratt

Gemma is a life long crafty kid which led to starting Crafty Kids Club in 2013. Many craft events, school workshops and craft kit designs later she cannot stop doing craft with kids and coming up with new ideas. She runs the craft classes she wished she could have attended when she was at school!